Witte News (January 2022)

Dear customers,

Another turbulent and difficult year has passed us all by and there is no real relaxation in sight yet. Nevertheless, we have used the past 12 months to reposition ourselves and implement exciting projects. Even though there were no trade fairs in the usual sense, we can look back on a good year with exciting enquiries, major projects and new clients.

We have used the time wisely and would like to use this newsletter to give you a small review and outlook of what we have achieved and implemented last year and what we have planned for 2022. 

  • New Products
    • CHEM LZ
    • ChemCore Plus
    • WITTE Core Command
  • Digital industry world
  • Manpower
  • Trade Fairs
  • Product names


The WITTE replacement pump for Hermetic LZ gear pumps. Hermetic discontinued this business segment in 2018. However, gear pumps from Hermetic are still in use in many systems and plants. With our faithful replica, we can offer all users and operators an equivalent alternative and also guarantee the supply of spare parts. The highlight: the internal parts come from the proven WITTE modular system and can also be used in chemical pumps of the CHEM series.

WITTE ChemCore Plus

The WITTE ChemCore Plus is a research project in which we set ourselves the challenge of driving water against 100 bar pressure. An application that poses immense challenges for gear pumps. When a wide temperature window is added to this, it becomes even more tricky. We have carried out a large number of tests on our test bench. Physics has shown us its limits and unfortunately we could not quite reach 100 bar, but we came pretty close. The development process is not yet complete, but we expect to be able to offer a marketable product from the second half of 2022.

WITTE Core Command

The new controller for WITTE gear pumps. It perfectly complements our pump portfolio. From now on, we can also offer the matching control system for our pumps. We have incorporated our many years of experience and our concentrated pump knowledge into the functionality of this control. Whether dosing or batch operation, a multitude of conveying and dosing tasks can be realised easily and flexibly with this control. All information about the new control system can be found on our website or in the corresponding catalogue.

If you have any questions about the new products, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues.

Your contact persons:


Carsten Pump
Head of Sales Pumps and Systems

Direct dial: – 300


Dr. Torben Bubelach
Technical Director

Direct dial: – 408

Digital industry world

At Achema Pluse in April 2021, we presented our digital industry world. In a virtual process landscape, we show how versatile our pumps are and how we can react to special requirements. Come with us on a virtual tour through the application world of gear pumps.  

(Wo)man Power 

Since October, Alexandra Glinka has been strengthening us with her expertise in marketing. She brings a lot of experience from the B2B sector and also has excellent graphic skills. We are delighted about this energetic support and welcome her warmly.

Direct dial: – 381


Booth: Hall 8, Stand F 38
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Booth: Hall 1, Stand H31
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K Messe

Booth: tba
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As part of new developments and for reasons of brand protection, we will introduce a new naming concept for our pumps, probably at the K trade fair in October 2022. Essentially, we have focused on our core competence and will also include this in the new names.

Pumps are the heart and pulse of the system. They are the core of the whole process and help to keep it running. That is why we have decided to add the suffix it deserves to the product name. In future, all WITTE product names will be supplemented by the addition Core.  


The WITTE CHEM series will become the WITTE ChemCore series in the future. 

How this will look like in detail and what other changes there will be, we present in detail at a later date.   

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